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Products for the

21st Century Shooter/Reloader

. $4.99-$39.99
1 inch Top Screw Mount Scope Level – Pt#913
34mm Black Scope Level – Pt#915
Scope Leveling Kit (use for any scope level) – Pt#914

Scope Levels

There are the 21st Century Shooting Natural Light Illuminated

30mm Scope Levels:

  • 23.7 grams, almost 2-1/2 GRAMS LIGHTER than others.
  • 30mm diameter tube (scope)
  • 1/16" thinner, giving you more room for mounting.

Levels are offset one full inch from scope center, therefore achieving the mas visual contact.
Can be mounted on left or right side of scope.

 Sorry our 30mm Scope Levels are out of stock.


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