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Primer Pocket Plug:

Due to high order volume and Covid-19 restrictions all orders are at a minimum of 2 weeks out from time of order. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your business.

Our office will be temporarily closed from December 8th until December 18th no orders will be processed during this time. 

Since we work in a machine shop environment, the best way to reach us is via email.We will do our best to contact you back within 48 business hours.

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H2O weighing is a technique used to sort cases based on volume.  By plugging the primer pocket, the case can be set on a precise electronic scale, filled with water and weighed.  Subtracting the weight of the case and the plug from this measurement gives us the weight of the water in the case (a direct indicator of volume, no math necessary here) and the sorting process can begin.  Our plugs are available for both small and large primers.


Primer Pocket Plug for H20 Weighing

Primer Pocket Plugs