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Pt#703-22 --- 22cal Nylon Cleaning Jag
Pt#703-24 --- 6mm Nylon Cleaning Jag
Pt#703-26 --- 6.5mm Nylon Cleaning Jag
Pt#703-28 --- 7mm Nylon Cleaning Jag
Pt#703-30 --- 30cal Nylon Cleaning Jag

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21st Century Shooting stainless steel tipped nylon body wind resistant cleaning jags.
     When maintaining your firearm, cleaning and protecting the chamber and bore of your barrel is arguably the most important part of the process.  Improper techniques and tools can damage and pit your bore, seriously degrading the accuracy of your firearm.  You can’t just push anything down your barrel without careful consideration.  We have created our new wind proof nylon jags with these concerns in mind.

     Many jags are composed of copper alloys because these metals are softer and gentler on the bore.  However, problems arise with these products when these are used in conjunction with a copper de-fouling agent.  Confusing and often false indications of fouling appear when  solvents react with the copper in the jag.  Since our Nylon Jag is copper free, you will not have to worry about this kind of false indication.  The soft material is gentle on your bore and rifling yet sturdy and rigid enough to perform its duty.  The barbed stainless tip ensures that your patches stay in place and won’t blow away when you are cleaning in the field or at the range.  These chemically resistant jags will work with many cleaning rods, including Tipton, Hoppes, Gunslick rods and more. 


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