New Generation Long Arm Direct Leverage Arbor Press
Smooth, no gears, direct leverage

Post is 3/4" dia. 

Base size 4"x5"

This Loading Block is interchangeable for use with our 21st Century Shooting New Generation Arbor Press

Already have a Press, No Problem! Order the 4"x11" Base with your choice of Loading Block.

This new base enables the 21st Century Hydro Bullet Seater, the New Generation Press and Arbor Press to be used at the range no need to fasten to bench.

Loading Blocks are interchangeable.

Base size 4"x11"

Neck Die Decapping Base, dies and brass in pictures are not included.

New Generation Press with extended base and interchangeable loading block.
Base size 4"x11"

Loading Blocks are interchangeable. (Available at bottom of page)

No need to bolt this unit down, therefore you can take it with you to the range.