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Products for the

21st Century Shooter/Reloader

Arbor Adapter for K&M

Standard Arbor Adapter



Lathe Accessory Package
-(2) orings for Driver Shaft
-(2) orings for Driver
-(2) 6/32 set screws for Cutter Holder
-(1) 10/32 set screw,with point, for Cutter Holder Retainer
-(1) 10/32 set screw for Driver Adapter
Pt# 908-AP


Neck Turning Tool

Carbide Cutter Installed:
Purchase our Neck Turning Tool with no cutter installed.
Pt# 902


Case Holder and Driver:
Lathe base, Swivel Bracket and Tail Stock Assembly with Case Holder and Driver
Pt# 909-01
(#2, #3, #4, #5, 7, 10, PPC, L, M, BR, 3M)


Tail Stock Assembly
Pt# 908-02-TSA


This Tool makes neck turning easy! 21st Century Shootings new tool was designed with many features not found on other Neck Turning Tools.


  • The only tool with built in MICRO adjustable arbor stop. Micro adjustment for easy precise depth setup. Keeps you off the shoulder.
  • The only tool with stainless steel Arbor Adapters. Works with most all Arbors including KM. 
  • The only tool with large calibrated cutter adjustment wheel. Easy  +  -  (.0001)adjustment. Uses one size allen wrench for all adjustments.
  • The only tool with no cutter lock set screw. This feature enables the user to park the dial on a setting and the cutter will not have tendency to jump in or out, as with a set screw.

Comes complete with:  
Turning Tool
Allen Wrench
Stainless Steel Arbor Adapter
Carbide Cutter of your choice (already installed)  


Case Holder and Driver:
Lathe base, Tail Stock Assembly with Case Holder and Driver
Pt# 909-02
(#2, #3, #4, #5, 7, 10, PPC, L, M, BR, 3M)


The Rifleman's Journal
by Germán A. Salazar

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