50 Cal Barrett, 416 Berrett,

375 Cheytec, 408 Cheytec,

416 Cheytec

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Neck Turning Lathe

Complete with Neck Turning Tool, Swivel Bracket and Tail Stock Assembly with One Shell Holder & Driver, ARBOR AND MANDREL, and an Expander Die Body with ring.

This is the first in the series of 21st Century Shooting Case Preparation. A modular system, all parts interchange. So if you have our 50Cal. Barrett, 416 Berrett, 375 Cheytec, 408 Cheytec, or 416 Cheytec Neck Turning Tool or Bracket everything will fit.
     The floating design of our neck turner and case driver allows the case mouth (bore) to run on the arbor absolutely concentric. Therefore allowing O.D. to be turned concentric with I.D.     
     The tail-stock creates a horizontal inline support for the base of the case. Also allows the operator to keep both hands on the power screw driver or drill. This makes it very easy to control feed rate of the cutting operation, generating a very fine turned finish.
     Case holder drivers are designed to be the most gentle driver, yet providing an adequate hold. DOES NOT DRIVE OFF THE PRIMER POCKET - NO PRIMER POCKET OR CASE DAMAGE.
     There are counter sunk mounting holes in the base plate for mounting.
     This lathe is the foundation of many case prep tools. 
     Driver shaft is hexed to use power screw driver or drill.    

I use a Hitachi 12 volt cordless driver drill. DS100FL. Light weight 2.2lbs, 2 speed with a li-ion battery.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipment