Our Hybrid-X is a true hybrid between a joystick and a traditional "wheel" rest. Windage is manipulated through a control stick that travels on a horizontal plane. Elevation is controlled through a knob on the end of the control stick, or a traditional wheel on the post. The entire central assembly of the rest is mounted on a circular plate that is mounted in the base plate. This central assembly and plate is called the Target Acquisition System or "T.A.S". This allows the user to easily self align the rifle and rear bag by simply loosening a few levers. Self alignment will help minimize set up time and improve repeatability by eliminating binding of the rifle in the shooting bags. In addition, this will allow for rapid windage adjustment if needed to acquire a target.

Smooth operation and ease of control are what this rest represents.  The utilization of a ball screw/bearing block provides glass-smooth elevation adjustment. The rest does not allow the rifle to return to battery after each shot per competition guidelines. However repeatability from shot to shot is provided by the rock solid platform and the fact that elevation is not lost when the control stick is let go of.

A few key features that this rest has are:
1.) Weight of rifle is not a factor in the ease of the controls due to the use of ball screws/bearing blocks in the post.
2.) Windage range is more than you would ever need. The travel of the top is 5/8" total (MOA equivalent will be coming soon). More than other rests on the market!
3.) Elevation is not lost from shot to shot even if the control stick is let go of.
4.) Total weight of prototype is 28 lbs.
5.) Designed, machined and built in the U.S.A.!

Everyone that has shot off our rest so far is blown away from the repeatability, smoothness, and the ease of the controls. This rest was designed in and is made right here in the U.S.A.!   Patent Pending