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21st Century Shooter/Reloader

Pt#1004-02 ------------ Front Rest Top with set back no bag -------------- $99.99
Pt#1004-01-CVFB --- Front Rest Top with set back and 3inch bag. --- $155.00
Pt#1004-04 ------------ Front Rest Top with no bag -------- $79.99
Pt#1004-02-CVFB --- Front Rest Top with 3inch bag. --- $135.00

This 21st Century Shooting Rest Top with set back will reposition the controls up to 5 inches closer to your fingertips. Fits most rests.

Pt#CVFB ------------ 3inch Front Bag -------- $59.99

Front Rest Top

Front Rest F Class

We have a limited color of bags, color is picked as we ship.
    Sand is not included.

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