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    Concentricity Gauge

            with wheel

This device enables the user to rotate the case on complete revolution with about a 1/8 of a turn on the wheel. Providing consistent pressure on the case. Easily retrofits in a snap to the 21st Century Shooting Concentricity Gauge (run out gauge - as shown). User can angle wheel to left or right to keep the base of the case rotating against the stop. For unlimited setup scenarios. Simply amazing!

        Concentricity Gauge
Most conventional concentricity gauges of the day use

what is called a height indicator gauge. Although it offers

an economical solution to the problem, this type of gauge

was not intended for the purpose of measuring rotating

diameters. They will lead to inaccuracies due to indicator

rod flex and bounce.

The new concentricity gauge from 21st Century Shooting

uses a horizontal dial test indicator. This type of gauge was

designed specifically for checking rotating diameters and in

fact is exactly the type of gauge used in the machining

industry for decades to measure run out – the very thing

that we as hand loaders are striving to minimize or eliminate.

Additionally, this new gauge uses Stainless Steel TURNING ROLLERS as opposed to fixed bearings or V configuration. Also the 21st Century Shooting gauge lets the operator check not only the O.D. but the I.D., a feature exclusive to the 21ST CENTURY SHOOTING CONCINTRICITY GAUGE. You will especially appreciate the roller supports that glide on linear guide-ways, with a simple push of a button for adjusting the base. No tools necessary.

As PRECISION hand loaders, we are basically small machine operators. Much of what we do has been derived from the machine shop industry but scaled down to make it affordable. In spite of improvements in manufacturing processes and capabilities over the years, the old way of doing things tends to prevail. At 21st Century Shooting it is our goal to modernize an industry that has seen little change over the years. The new concentricity gauge is a perfect example.
(Indicator gauge may very on brand)

This tool will also check loaded rounds. (Bullet Run-Out)
Not shown in picture.