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Custom CNC machined from the finest stainless steel.

        1)   Set screws must not be over tightened, very light torque.
        2)   When you are satisfied with your setting, mark with a sharpie.
        3)  Wrap the micrometer and base with scotch tape.  This will insure the micrometer form moving.

Notice how the bullet is contained in the seater stem. There is about 1/4" of ojive contact, making it possible to hold overall length to 1/2 thousands, .0005. Also helping to keep bullet in line with case.

NOTE: These are machined to order, must send 3pcs fired and body sized brass cases and 3 bullets of each style you are going to be loading.

Customers Also Viewed

. $225.00
308 Win ----------– Pt#100-01
300 WSM -------– Pt#100-02
7mm Rem Mag – Pt#100-03
7mm-08 ----------– Pt#100-04
284 Shehane --– Pt#100-05
6.5x47 --------–--- Pt#100-06
6 BR -------------– Pt#100-07
6 Dasher --------– Pt#100-08
223 ---------------– Pt#100-09
220 Swift -------– Pt#100-10
PPC --------------– Pt#100-11
6 SAUM ---------– Pt#100-12
6.5 SAUM -------– Pt#100-13
7 SAUM----------– Pt#100-14
30 SAUM --------- Pt#100-15
270 SAUM ------– Pt#100-16
6 Creedmoor ----- Pt#100-17
6.5 Creedmoor -– Pt#100-18
6.5mmx284 -----– Pt#100-19
.284Win (7mm) -- Pt#100-20
30-06 -----------– Pt#100-21

The stainless steel body of the die is built like a micrometer with 1/2 thousands, .0005 increments.

The S.S. seater stem is machined per customers bullet ojive.

Products for the

21st Century Shooter/Reloader

NEW Stainless Steel 21st Century Shooting Calibrated Bullet Seater Die

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