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21st Century Shooter/Reloader

The 21st Century Shooting 300 Blackout Cutoff

Lathe comes complete with:

         driver rod assembly with micro stop

Lathe base,

Tail Stock Assembly with Case Holder and Driver.

300 Blackout Lathe

22cal Turning Arbor

30cal Expander Mandrel

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Micro Stop w/rod

Already have our 21st Century Lathe and want to convert to 300 Blackout Lathe?

Complete kit for converting your 21st Century Lathe to 300 Blackout

Kits includes:

Lathe Accessory Package
   -(2) orings for Driver
   -(1) 6/32 set screws for Cutter Holder
   -(1) 10/32 set screw for Cutter Holder Retainer
   -(1) Ball driver screw for connecting case holder and driver
   -(2) Rubber washers
   -(1) 1/4-20 Flat head screw

Cutter Head

Case Holder and Driver:
Case Holder and Driver:

Expander Die Body

Pt# 908-02-TSA


Lathe base, Swivel Bracket and Tail Stock Assembly with Case Holder and Driver.

Pt# 909-02

(#2, #3, #4, #5, 7, 10, PPC, L,  M, BR, 3M)

Tail Stock Assembly ONLY

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Pt# 908-AP


#4 Case Holder and Driver

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Neck Turning Tool

Neck Turning Tool Kit

Carbide Cutters

Case Holder and Drivers


Tail Stock-at bottom of this page..

Turning Arbors

Expander Mandrels

Expander Die Body

Pt# 909-01

(#2, #3, #4, #5, 7, 10, PPC, L,  M, BR, 3M)