3 Way Trim Attachment Accessory Kit

Kit for 21st Century Shooting Standard Lathe

John Perkins at 21st Century Shooting is known for thinking outside of the box.  After looking into at what was available on the market for trimming and chamfering brass consistently and concentrically and through a few years of research and development he has come up with a solution.  21st Century Shooting is introducing the three-way trimmer attachment kit to the already popular neck turning lathe.  Set up properly this will allow the user fast, accurate, concentric and repetitive three-way trimming of cases. The three-way trimmer kit is available for both the standard and powered version of the 21st Century Neck Turning Lathe. Trim Length is achieved via a special stop that is engineered into the lathe assembly.  On the powered version this stop is placed on the base plate of the lathe. On the standard lathe the stop is added to the driver shaft rod.  Both stops offer macro and micro adjustment to achieve desired trim length. This set-up is so accurate you might want to get a micrometer to measure case length!
The kit utilizes the same tail assembly with free-floating case holder and driver and as the neck turning set-up.  The difference is on the cutting tool end.  The neck turning tool it taken off and is replaced with a cutting head that incorporates a special caliber specific arbor with a custom-ground carbide cutter installed that trims the overall length and chamfers the inside of the case mouth.  In lieu of a neck turning cutter a carbide cutter is used to chamfer the outside diameter of the case mouth.
The kits for both the powered lathe or  the standard lathe comes with the following:
-Cutting tool head with carbide outside chamfer cutter
-Caliber specific trimmer arbor with carbide overall length/inside chamfer cutter
-Engineered dead-stop with micro and macro adjustment 
-Stainless steel long driver shaft (for standard non-power lathe)
-Three Allen wrenches for adjustment

Ships within 21 business days.

Kit for 21st Century Shooting Power Lathe